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Mt. Rainier from Indian Henry's Hunting Ground


Welcome to Tate, a place for me to show all of the hikes that we've been on. As we live in such a wonderful part of the world, the Pacific Northwest, one of the best ways to really enjoy the great outdoors, is to strap on a backpack and get out into the wilderness...The following pictures and descriptions will be my attempt to show how we enjoy the great outdoors

Backpacking the Pacific Northwest


Mount Rainier National Park

The Wonderland Trail - August 2005

Camp Muir - March 2006

Northern Loop Trail - July 2006

Northern Loop Trail - July 2009

Camp Muir - August 2009

Burroughs Mt. Loop - October 2009

Wonderland Trail section, Summerland, Indian Bar, and Cowlitz Divide - July 2010

Kautz Creek, Indian Henry’s Hunting ground, and
Mirror Lake - August 2012

Goat Rock Wilderness

Goat Rocks Loop - July 2005

Warm Lake, Gilbert Peak - September 2012

Glacier Peak Wilderness

Lyman Lakes, Image Lake - August 2010

Mount St. Helens National Park

Border trail - July 2006

Mt. Adams Wilderness

Mt Adams Summit - September 2009

Norse Peak Wilderness

Lost Lake, Echo Lake Loop - September, 2010

Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Trout Lake - July 2007

The Enchantments - September 2007

Waptus Lake - June 2008

The Enchantments - August 2008

Big Heart Lake - August 2009

Snoqualmie Lake - August 2009

Chain Lakes/Bulls Tooth Mt. - August 2009

High Lakes - September 2009

Rampart Lake, Lila Lake, Alta Mt. - July 2010

Necklace Valley - July 2011

Tuck/Robin Lakes - August 2011

Summit Chief/Escondido Loop - August 2011

Larch Lake via Dead Horse Pass - September 2011

Larch Lake via High Camp - October 2011

Olympic National Park

Grand Valley Loop - August 2006

North Olympic Coastline - May 2008

Upper Lena Lake - August 2012

Hurricane Ridge/Klahhane Ridge - August 2013

7 Lakes Basin - September 2013

North Cascades/North Cascades National Park , Mt. Baker Wilderness

Lake Chelan Lakeshore Trail - July 2007

Thunder Creek Trail - Aug/Sept 2007

Maple Pass Loop - October 2009

Monte Cristo, Twin Lakes - August 2010

Blanca Lake - August 2010

Copper Ridge Loop - September 2010

Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm - August 2011

Chain Lakes Loop - August 2012

Cathedral Pass/ Elbow Lake - September 2012

South Cascade Lake - August 2013

North Bend-Snoqualmie Area

Mt. Si - July 2009

Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Mt. Wilderness

Golden Lakes Loop - October 2012

William O. Douglas Wilderness

Dumbell Lake, Tumac Mt. Loop - September 2013



3 Sisters Wilderness

3 Sisters Loop Hike - August, 2008

South Sister at Sunset

Video Links

Northern Loop - 2009

Indian Bar - 2010

The Enchantments - 2008

Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm - 2011

Tuck/Robin Lakes - 2011

Larch Lake - 2011

Golden Lakes Loop - 2012

Goat Rocks, Warm Lake, Gilbert Peak - 2012


The fall colors here on this day were unmatched for color and backdrop

Larch Lake basin, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Fall highlights surround Mt. Bigelow in the Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Mt. Wilderness

Mt. Bigelow, viewed through the larch at Upper Eagle Lake

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